Demand of Precious Metal Catalyst Industry, Its Application Field Analysis

Analysis (1)

Catalysts as new materials have been included in the key and supported areas of national development, among which, precious metal catalysts occupy an extremely important position in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, environmental protection, energy, electronics and other fields by virtue of their high catalytic activity and selectivity, as well as comprehensive excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, becoming one of the most important catalyst materials, with platinum, palladium and rhodium being the most commonly used varieties of precious metal catalysts.


Automobile exhaust gas purification field

China is a large consumer of automobiles, and exhaust emissions are the most important part of air pollution control, and the importance of its treatment is becoming more and more prominent. Automotive exhaust gas purification system mainly consists of shell layer, carrier, high specific surface coating, active components and additives, among which catalyst is an important factor influencing the effect of automotive exhaust gas purification, and catalysts composed of three precious metals, platinum, palladium and rhodium, are the main choices for automotive exhaust gas purification at present. In China's huge automotive industry, the demand for precious metal catalysts will continue to grow with the upgrading of emission standards.

Fuel Cell Field

Fuel cell vehicles are an important trend in the development of new energy vehicles in the future. Fuel cell is an efficient power generation device that directly converts chemical energy from combustion such as hydrogen, natural gas, etc. and oxidizer into electrical energy by electrochemical reaction without going through the combustion process. The fuel cell stack is the core of the whole fuel cell industry chain, which mainly consists of bipolar plates, catalysts, membrane electrodes, proton exchange membranes, etc., of which catalysts and bipolar plates account for the highest cost. As a result, fuel cells are an important potential demand market for precious metal catalysts.


Analysis (2)

With the increasing demand from downstream fine chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection industry, fuel cells and other fields, and the progress of production technology of precious metal catalyst enterprises, China's precious metal catalyst industry has gained rapid development, with significant increase in product capacity and output, and the overall strength of enterprises has been enhanced.

Fine Chemical Industry

Fine chemical industry is one of the key development strategies for the structural upgrading of traditional chemical industry. Fine chemical products cover all aspects of social and economic life, from electronic materials, coatings, pharmaceuticals, paper, ink, food additives, etc., to aerospace, automotive, machinery, new materials for construction, new energy technology and other high-tech aspects have a wide range of applications. A large number of fine chemical production processes require the participation of precious metal catalysts, so their development will directly drive the growth of demand for the precious metal catalyst industry.


UIV CHEM research indicates that with the continuous development of downstream industries, the market demand for precious metal catalysts in China will continue to grow, but the dependence on import of high-end products is high, mainly due to the limited production technology level of domestic enterprises and the difficulty of fully meeting the high-end demand of downstream products.

In the future, China's precious metal catalyst industry will continue to develop, and as the outstanding enterprises in the industry continue to strengthen technology research and development and improve production processes, the quality and quality of domestic catalysts will reach or approach the international advanced level, and their outstanding cost advantages will gradually form an import substitution for foreign products. Overall, China's precious metal catalyst industry still has a broad development prospect.

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