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We are eager to share our expertise in joint catalyst development partnerships with customers, exploring new routes and developing precious metal catalysts to give you a decisive advantage in a changing market.

Precious metal catalyst is a kind of precious metal material, which can change the speed of chemical reaction and itself is not involved in the final product. Almost all of the precious metals can be used as a catalyst, but the commonly used is platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, gold, silver, etc., the most widely used are platinum and palladium. as its high catalytic activity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent comprehensive properties, it is the most important catalyst materials.

According to catalytic reaction category, precious metal catalyst is divided into 2 categories: homogeneous catalyst and heterogeneous catalyst. Homogeneous catalyst usually is soluble compounds, such as, palladium chloride, palladium acetate, platinum oxide, chloroplatinic acid, chloroplatinic acid,rhodium chloride, iridium trichloride, ruthenium trichloride and etc. Heterogeneous catalyst usually is insoluble solid.

Precious metal catalyst is widely used in gasoline, chemical, medical, pesticide, food, environmental protection, energy, and electronic fields. It is excellent catalyst in oxidative dehydrogenation, catalytic reforming, hydrocrack, hydrodesulfurization, coupling reaction aspects in gasoline and chemical industries.

In environmental protection field, it is widely used in automobile emission purification and organics catalytic combustion.

In electronic and chemical industries, it is mainly used for gas purification.

UIV Chem continually develop customize specific catalyst according to the different chemical reactions, - in many cases in cooperation with our customers - that will enable you to lower your operating costs and improve your processes.

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With our dynamic group of dedicated and skilled people we can meet the needs of our customers worldwide, to develop and manufacture the catalysts that optimise chemical processes. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of chemical catalysts, plus the ability to produce custom-made solutions, available at commercial scale. Our heritage in chemical processes further enables us to provide practical solutions to maximise the value of your business.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of both precious and base metal catalysts, plus the ability to produce custom-made solutions, available at commercial scale.

We can produce over 100 kinds of precious metal catalysts and more than 10 precious metals of ultrafine powder and nano powder. Products are widely used in chemical industry (including medicine), nuclear industry, energy industry, material industry, electronic industry, military, environmental protection, and many other areas.

We can supply the high quality service as follows:
- developing customer specific catalysts
- organic synthesis technology consultation
- waste catalyst recycling

Our recycling business contains many industries, such as: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc.Here you can learn our comprehensive overview about recycling service ability.

Precious metal refining.

We are fully capable to extract precious metals effectively from any level of containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium concentrate, alloy, residue, waste and scrap. By using the most advanced refining facilities, continue to invest in new technologies, reaching a high yield and a short processing time. The major markets we serve include jewelry, electronics, semiconductors, mining and surface processing industries.

Precious metal recycling.

By modern analytical instruments and techniques (such as: fire assay method, weight analysis method, titration analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry, etc.), we can accurately get the accurate content of precious metals in the material.We can recover precious metals in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way by using a variety of advanced processing procedures. Our whole process is in line with environmental regulatory requirements.

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