OLED Material
We not only provide OLED materials for electronic industry; Our mission is to extend the life of equipment, help people to protect the eyes, make people's visual more comfortable and beautiful. Our many chemists have rich experience in OLED materials R&D, Many of them have been trained overseas. With this team, we have the capability of supporting all kinds of chemistry projects,can provide custom synthesis from the laboratory scale to commercial production.
Precious Metal Catalyst
We not only provide the common precious metal catalyst for chemists; Our mission is to customize specific catalyst according to the different chemical reactions, to help people protect the earth's resources effectively. We are eager to share our expertise in joint catalyst development partnerships with customers, exploring new routes and developing customize specific precious metal catalysts, to give you a decisive advantage in a changing market.
Nano Material
We not only provide the world's newest materials; Our mission is to seek scientific solutions to satisfy people's needs continuously, Make people's life safer, more comfortable and better. We have a stong R&d team, some of them are Dr. from United States and Japan, as the only can do 5nanometers leading technology companies in China, we will strive to continuously meet the needs of customers, to provide you with the best quality, the most cutting-edge technology, the most humanized products, help you realize infinite daydream of the good life...
Fine chemicals
Product Catalog
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