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UIV Chem continually develop new products - in many cases in cooperation with our customers - that will enable you to lower your operating costs and improve your processes.

Silver nanoparticles (Nano Silver) is a kind of nanoscale metallic silver. Most of nano silver particle size is around 25 nm,Silver nanoparticles have strong inhibition and exterminate action on dozens of pathogenic microorganism, such as: escherichia coli, neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis, etc. and have no resistance.
Nanosilver itself is nothing new.Recent advances in the ability to synthesize nanosilver particles have led to a surge of even more innovations. Most hinge on the ability to impregnate a wide range of materials and coatings with synthesized nanosilver compounds.
As a result, nanosilver has appeared in an increasingly wide range of products, among them electric shavers, athletic clothing, bed and bath linens, cosmetics, baby bottles, stuffed animals, keyboards, paints, and food containers. It's also used in hospital equipment including catheters, stents, bandages, and wound dressings, as well as on surfaces including wheelchair seats and door handles. In Southeast Asia, nanosilver is used even more commonly and often openly; it has been sprayed in Hong Kong subways and touted on Korean toothpaste tubes,for example.
Silver nanoparticles will be more and more important in our daily life...

What is nano silver?

Nano Silver (Nano Silver) is the simple substance of metallic silver with nanometer size. Most of the silver nanoparticles are around 25 nanometers in size, and they have strong inhibitory and killing effects on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis, and will not produce drug resistance. Cotton socks made of nano silver and combed cotton fibers have good antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

What are the characteristics of nano silver?

Silver nanoparticles occupy an extremely important position in the field of microelectronics due to their good electrical conductivity. The surface effect and quantum size effect of silver nanoparticles make it also have some special uses, such as surface-enhanced Raman applications and medical applications.

1. Nano silver is a simple substance of powdered silver with a particle size of less than 100nm, generally between 25-50nm.

2. The performance of nano silver is directly related to its particle size. The study found that the smaller the particle size, the stronger the sterilization performance.

We are the only one company that can be fine to 3 nanometers in China.
We have the ability of the Nanosilver for the customer special design, development, Meet the needs of of our customers worldwide.
UIV Chem has been granted 23 national and international patents. It has successfully developed technological products mainly including Nano silver ,Nano gold, Nano palladium, etc. and relevant applied technologies and technology of industrialization production. At present, UIV Chem has realized industrial production of nanomaterials such as Nano silver powder, Nano silver solution, silver nanowire, Nano silver paste,Conductive silver ink, Conductive nano silver film ,Nanogold, Nanopalladium, etc. and broken through technological bottlenecks with fruitful achievements in applied technologies. Nanotechnologies have found wide application in fields such as plastic, textile, painting, commodities, pharmacy and so on.

1 film, microfiber.
2 ABS, PC, PVC and other plastic substrates.
3 antibacterial, antimicrobial agents.
4 used the high-temperature sintering conductive paste and low-temperature polymer conductive paste.
5 fine silver powder: average particle size of 0.4 microns, the series of silver micro powder is mainly applied to the conductive filler of the high-temperature sintering conductive paste, the series of silver combination to achieve different objectives sintering. Results also can be used as a catalyst, antibacterial materials and other special purposes.
6 silver is mainly used for conductive coatings, conductive inks, conductive filler of the polymer conductive paste; high-performance conductive filler material, with good resistance to oxidation. Widely used in electronic pastes, electronic products, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, anti-bacterial anti-virus.

Nano silver applications

1. High-end silver paste

2. Conductive coating

3. Medical field

4. Green home appliances and furniture products

5. Catalytic materials

6. New energy

7. Electroplating industry

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