Why Can Nano-Silver Kill Bacteria?
The solid nano-silver particles processed by nanotechnology will continuously release silver ions. Because of their extremely small particle size, Silver Nanoparticles can freely enter the bacterial cell membrane at a very low concentration, because the nano-silver particles are comparable to the cell wall/membrane of the bacteria Strong binding ability, can directly enter the bacterial body, quickly combine with thiols of oxygen metabolism, block metabolism and make it inactive.

In addition, after Silver Ions enter the bacterial cell membrane, they randomly interfere with the synthesis of the cell wall, inhibit the cross-linking between polysaccharide chains, make the cell wall lose its integrity, and reduce the protection of osmotic pressure. At the same time, silver ions react with the bacterial cell wall to carry out a glycan reaction, which prevents the cell wall from transporting oxygen into the cell, prevents the activity of the bacteria, and causes the bacteria to lose activity and die naturally, while the body is excreted with the body's metabolism.

The surface area of the silver particles treated by nanotechnology increases sharply, the surface structure changes, and the sterilization ability can be increased to about 200 times that of general, and it can kill more than 650 kinds of harmful bacteria. At present, the most influential theory about silver sterilization is that silver has a unique antibacterial mechanism against single-cell pathogenic bacteria. When the positively charged silver nanoparticles come into contact with the negatively charged microbial cells, they will adsorb each other. After effectively attacking the cell wall and cell membrane, the cell protein will be denatured, and the microorganisms will be unable to metabolize and multiply, and the pathogen will lose life. Then achieve the purpose of killing pathogenic bacteria.

The notable part is that when the bacteria are killed by the silver ions, the silver ions remain on the original contact body and continue to perform repeated actions on the live bacteria until all the bacteria are eliminated. It can be seen that the effect of Nano Silver is a long-acting antibacterial material.
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