Application of Nanosilver in Cancer Treatment

Silver, as a precious metal with excellent bactericidal properties and powerful tissue repair, has been used in medical and public health fields for more than 6000 years. There are many cases, ancient prescriptions and medical literature in this area, which have been described in the previous period. Nanosilver Suppliers share with you

Application of nanosilver in cancer treatment

1. Direct killing of cancer cells.

Nanosilver has cytotoxic effect on abnormally proliferating cells, which can induce macrophages to produce a large amount of reactive oxygen species and decrease the level of glutathione, thus activating the oxidative stress process of cancer cells, leading to the oxidation of intracellular proteins and lipids, while seriously damaging the function of mitochondria, resulting in the death of cancer cells; in addition, nanosilver can also change the fluidity of the cell membrane of cancer cells, thus inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells.

2. As a carrier of tumor treatment drugs, targeting to remove cancer cells.

Nanosilver can act on the cell membrane of cancer cells and enhance the activity of intracellular lysozyme under the condition of laser heating, which increases the permeability of cell membrane and delivers drugs into the cells; meanwhile, the surface activity of nanosilver is unstable and extremely easy to control, so it can be modified, together with molecular clusters with targeting effect, to remove cancer cells in a targeted manner, while it has no effect on normal cells.

3. Application in plasma photothermal therapy and radiotherapy.

Plasma photothermal therapy kills cancer cells while damaging the surrounding normal tissue cells, which limits its clinical application. The powerful cross-section of nano-silver particles has a good adsorption effect on photothermal, and the excellent surface plasmon resonance phenomenon makes the electrons on the surface of nano-silver absorb energy and form a kind of heated electron gas, which instantly transmits heat to cancer cells, denatures the proteins inside cancer cells and kills cancer cells. The damage to the surrounding normal tissue cells is greatly reduced.

Nanotechnology research in medicine is flourishing, and although most of the achievements so far have been focused on cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is gradually expanding to other medical fields such as antibiotic resistance and artificial organs. The day when nanotechnology will benefit patients is getting closer and closer.

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