Unity, Cohesion, Hard Work, and Happiness-Zhejiang Huaxian's First Fun Games Was Successfully Held

At 9 o’clock in the morning on the 28th, Huaxian’s first fun games was held on time in the gymnasium of Qianyao Primary School. Brothers and sisters from various departments of the company formed 6 teams to compete and compete in this competition, which also showed the strength of Huaxian’s people. Hard work and responsibility.

With the slogans one after another, "Leap Team", "Unity Team", "Beyond Team", "Youth Team", "Big Tigers" and "Wolves" kicked off the tug-of-war match in the order of drawing lots.

After the tug-of-war competition, table tennis, basketball and various fun sports are also proceeding in an orderly manner. Regardless of our players’ gentle manners, once the competition starts, all of them are athletes with “tiger and wolf spirit” and stunts. Basketball On the court, everyone had a full "basketball addiction". Everyone was a "slam dunk".

In individual ping-pong matches, fighting without fireworks is not only a test of the skill of the players, but also a test of their patience. The fierce competition makes the onlookers nervous and excited.

Looking at the fun game again, the so-called male and female match, work is not tired, the help of girls makes the whole game more tense and competitive, and our male-male cooperation is not inferior...

The results and friendships were finally reached. In order to affirm the wonderful moments and hard work of everyone in this event, the company also prepared cash red envelopes for every winner to encourage them. President Han, General Manager Chen Bo, and Vice President Chen Bo presented awards and took a group photo.

Through this event, it also provided a good opportunity for full communication and exchanges among various departments. It also conformed to the theme of today's event "Unity, Cohesion, Hard Work, and Happiness". I believe that every day in the future, Huaxian people will pass themselves Hardworking hands will surely create a better tomorrow and future for Huaxian!

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