Trifluorome- thanesulfonic acid , 1493-13-6 , CHF3O3S
Trifluorome- thanesulfonic acid ,  1493-13-6 , CHF3O3S
Trifluorome- thanesulfonic acid ,  1493-13-6 , CHF3O3S
UIV CHEM is one of the toppest 1493-13-6,Triflic acid,Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid in China.During these years of exporting , UIV CHEM now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid and a series of products are widely used as intermediates in the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries.As an important catalyst used in the chemical industry, it also has a wide application value in the lithium battery industry. It is known as the "powerful pillar" of the 21st century fine chemical industry.

Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid
Triflic acid
Molecular Structure

Molecular Formula
Molecula Weight
CAS Registry Number
Precise quality
Appearance and traits
Colorless liquid with a spicy smell
1.696 g/mL at 25 °C
Melting point
-40 °C
Boiling point
162 °C
Specific Gravity
Solubility in Water
Hazard Class
Packing Specifications
CF3SO3H is packed in seamless stainless steel barrel of 90 Kg and 50 Kg, or glass bottle of 1 Kg and 1.5 Kg. Packing form may also be varied according to customers' specific requirements.
Emergency Treatment for Leakage
Staff shall evacuate from the contaminated area without delay in case of CF3SO3H leakage. In case when staff get burnt, rinse the wounds with a large amount of water first for 15 minutes before sending the staff to hospital. Leakage site shall be treated in possibly shortest time. Staff handling the leakage site must wear protective apparatus (protective suite, protective gloves, positive-pressure breathing apparatus), leaked substances shall be absorbed with inert materials (such as vermiculite, sand or soil) before being put into appropriate containers.
Storage and transportation
Storage tank of CF3SO3H shall be sealed and stored in shady and cool warehouse with well ventilation. The warehouse is required to be dry with best temperature no higher than 30°C.
Storage tank of CF3SO3H shall be kept far away from heat source and separately from oxidizing agents and alkali.
Storage tank of CF3SO3H shall be transported as per requirements of dangerous goods transportation. It shall be transported by means of road transportation or ship containers.
As one of the super acids, CF3SO3H is extremely stable with either oxidation or reduction. It is mainly applied in below fields:
1.Plastic Industry, applied in the synthetic reaction of catalytic chemistry, and adopted as the oligomerization-polymerization catalyst to modify the silicon rubber;
2.Fuel industry, adopted as the catalyst of protonation reaction;
3.Pharmacy industry, such nucleoside, antibiotics, steroid, protein, glycosides etc., a new efficient catalyst of alkylation and acylation reaction of Friedel-Crafts;
4.Synthesis of herbicide and growth regulator;
5.Vitamin synthesis;
6.Sugar industry;
7.Used for special reaction in laboratory studies.

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