Postdoctoral Programme’s Scientific Research Subject Online Opening in Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd

Postdoctoral Programme’s Scientific Research Subject Online Opening in Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd!

On March 23, the opening report of Dr. Wang( Xiaoqing Wang), cooperated by Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd and Zhejiang University, was successfully held. In order to comply with the relevant policy of local epidemic prevention and control, online video was used for the whole opening report, which was the first to adopt "Cloud Opening" for the Postdoctoral Programme’s Scientific Research Subject. Pro.Fan (Xianping Fan), Pro. Guo (Xingzhong Guo),

Pro Zhang (Qilong Zhang) from Zhejiang University, General Manager Mr Zhao (Xiaoyu Zhao)of Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd, and R&D Director Gao Chunji and relevant staff of county Human Resources and Social Security Bureau attended the report together.

At the meeting, Dr. Wang( Xiaoqing Wang) introduced her project from the research background, research content, research progress and plan in detail. By online video, Dr. Wang( Xiaoqing Wang) was reviewed and asked for some questions by expert group, coming up with many guiding opinions for the follow-up research of Dr. Wang. And Dr. Wang( Xiaoqing Wang) was also encourage to combine her research work with the enterprise, and truly implement the research results to serve the enterprise by expert group. Finally, after the review of the expert group, they all agreed to pass Dr. Wang's ( Xiaoqing Wang) opening report and proceed to the next related research and development work.

Since the establishment of Postdoctoral Programme in our company in Zhejiang and based on municipal academician workstation lab and with the aim of industrialization of independent research of high-efficiency, long-life organic photoelectric materials and devices,  Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd actively promoted the domestic replacement of OLED material used by domestic and foreign panel manufacturers, thus alleviating the "bottleneck" of organic electroluminescent materials used in AMOLED display and breaking the international monopoly. Zhejiang Huadisplay Optoelectronics CO., Ltd has been adhering to the ” Company Value’’  of " customer achievement, positive and optimistic, continuous improvement, open cooperation, respect and love", to solve major technical problems and common problems in the OLED industry.

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