Nano Silver Antibacterial Liquid-Non Toxic and Harmless
The new generation of antibacterial disinfectant, non-toxic and harmless, colorless and tasteless
Many people are now slowly getting used to using disinfectant solutions to wash clothes, mop floors, and even to wash dishes, which is evidence of the importance people attach to antibacterial. But is the disinfectant solution that everyone uses really reliable? The general disinfectant solution is accompanied by irritating odors and heavy metals, because toxic heavy metals are not metabolized. But now there is a better alternative, which is the Nano Home antibacterial series products I want to introduce to you today
Nano Home uses the antibacterial properties of Nano Silver to launch a series of products that are not only safe, antibacterial and effective, but also odorless and without any side effects
Nano silver to its non-toxic harmless, colorless and tasteless, sterilization effect is strong and other characteristics of the rapid occupation of the market, so that people away from cleaning once, half a day into the house embarrassing situation.
Bacteria have a great impact on people, many diseases are caused by bacterial infections. Small to cold, fever, large to tuberculosis, gonorrhea, anthrax, plague, and a variety of pediatric diseases are caused by bacterial infection, and the reproduction rate of bacteria is extremely fast, the family often sterilization is necessary!
Nanosilver is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and harmless, making antibacterial disinfection easy. The process of disinfection is completed with a spray and there is no drug resistance, the same killing effect on super bacteria, no longer have to worry about the disinfection will not have an impact on the health of the family!
Nano Silver Solution broad-spectrum anti-bacterial advantages, can quickly kill more than 650 kinds of common bacteria, can complete a full range of disinfection at home
In addition, in the field of public health, nanosilver also has excellent performance, major kindergartens, hospitals, stations, trains and other places, can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and infection, and because of the strong sterilization and strong permeability of nanosilver, can also be used with a variety of fogging
The company also provides Nano-Silver Wire, if you need, please feel free to contact us!
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