Members of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and Ministerial Meeting led a team to visit our company for inspection and guidance
On the afternoon of March 4, Zhou Luming, a member of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department ministry meeting and the leader of the disciplinary inspection and supervision team, led a team with the leaders of the Standing Committee of the Jiashan County Party Committee and the Minister of Organization Shen Weiqiang to our company to guide the inspection of the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, and resume production. It also made propaganda and interpretation on the policy of stabilizing enterprises and benefiting enterprises during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention period. The leaders of Ganyao Town, Lu Jianfeng and other leaders accompanied the guests. The company's chairman Zhao Xiaoyu, the company's Executive vice President Chen Qingquan, and the company's structural design department DGM Wang Zixing received and reported.
"What is the attendance rate?""How is the progress of the enterprise to resume work and production? What difficulties do you have at present?""Do you understand the epidemic social security exemption policy?""Are there any questions about funding?"Zhou luming and his delegation asked GM Mr.Zhao about the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.Mr Zhou fully affirmed UIV CHEM pay equal and high attention to epidemic prevention and resumption of work with the rapid realization of the work practice. At the same time,Mr Zhou give the answer to UIV CHEM on the enterprise's current concerns such as social security reduction and exemption policy .He pointed out that we should further refine and implement various preferential policies for enterprises, and truly implement good policies to benefit enterprises.

Zhao xiaoyu, chairman of the company, expressed his understanding of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic which led to the delay in returning to work, expressed support and cooperation to the government's various notices, and thanked the government for issuing a series of thoughtful policies to help the company tide over the difficulties.

GM Mr Zhao said that since the COVID-19 outbreak,the factory face a big challenge of can't return to work and Lack of epidemic prevention materials,UIV CHEM try to find the opportunities in adversity at full blast,turn the crisis to opportunities.Successfully UIV CHEM developed the health, safety, non-toxic, no chlorine disinfectant silver nanoparticle through joint American doctor with its own original patent, and the enterprise existing technical resources and platform.It's successfully help to realize the early return to work.

With the R & D person return to work, UIV CHEM will proceed the existing projects orderly,and will

officially incorporated the research and development of nano-silver into the company's R & D

development strategy.Because the company's rapid R & D and proactive ,it attack accidentally opened the

disinfectant market. It is estimated UIV CHEM will be achieved 50 million yuan by relying solely on nano silver research and development of new projects in 2020 .

UIV CHEM will walk on two legs,one is to continue to study and deepen the cultivation on the basis of the original research and development project,one is to use this market to win the pursuit and decisively push the research and development product nanosilver disinfectant with its own patent into Market ,and achieve a win-win situation in the future!

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