Antiviral? Nano Silver Antibacterial and Sterilization Solution Will Escort You!

Nano silver concept

Nano Silver is a simple substance of metallic silver with a diameter of less than 100 nanometers, generally between 20 and 50 nanometers. Nano silver is silver particles composed of atomic structure, not silver ions. Nano silver has no charge and is a solid powder.

Nano silver antibacterial and antiviral effect

The low toxicity or non-toxicity of nano-silver and the non-selective inhibition of various viruses are of great significance to the prevention and treatment of influenza virus, SARS coronavirus, avian influenza virus and human immunodeficiency virus.

Nano-silver broad-spectrum antiviral effects and mechanism research provide theoretical basis and experimental basis for the development of safe and effective, broad-spectrum antiviral nano-silver drugs and materials for local use on mucosal membranes, and provide a broad-spectrum prevention and experimental basis for human respiratory and genitourinary tract viruses Treatment provides new methods, approaches and strategies.

Examples of nano silver anti-virus

Fight against avian influenza virus

The nano-silver was uniformly loaded on the surface of diatomaceous earth to carry out the killing experiment of avian influenza virus. The results showed that 1g of silver-loaded diatomaceous earth can strongly adsorb and kill the virus in 6mL solution, and the hemagglutination titer is zero. The dose of 0.35 µg/mL has obvious killing effect on the virus and can be used as a feed additive for the prevention and control of avian influenza.

Fight against human immunodeficiency virus

Nano-silver can effectively inhibit HIV-IIIB or HIV-2CBL-20 induced cytopathic changes, and can also inhibit the production of p24 antigen in HIV-IIIIB acutely infected cells. It has good anti-HIV activity, and it has not been found that nano-silver has little effect on the test. Rat liver, lung, kidney and other tissues and organs have toxic effects. At the same time, it has no obvious side effects when applied locally to the mucosa of the respiratory tract. It can be used as an antiviral drug on the mucosal surface to prevent HIV infection.

In 2005, researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Mexico found for the first time that Silver Nanoparticles are easily attached to human immunodeficiency virus particles and have a significant inhibitory effect on HIV21.

Nano silver antibacterial disinfectant

This product is based on the traditional disinfectant, adding nano-silver solution, combining the Nano-Silver Solution with the traditional disinfection liquid, so that the product has special antibacterial properties, and can replace conventional disinfection water and alcohol, without peculiar smell, and non-volatile , Non-flammable effect. The product has a long-lasting antibacterial and antibacterial effect, has no side effects on the human environment, and has significant economic and social benefits.
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