Ammonium Hexachloroplatinate(IV),16919-58-7,(NH4)2.PtCl6
Ammonium Hexachloroplatinate(IV),16919-58-7,(NH4)2.PtCl6
UIV CHEM is one of the toppest Ammonium Hexachloroplatinate(IV),(NH4)2.PtCl6,16919-58-7 in China.During these years of exporting , UIV CHEM now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Ammonium Hexachloroplatinate(IV),16919-58-7,(NH4)2.PtCl6

Name Ammonium chloroplatinate
Synonyms Diammonium hexachloroplatinate; Ammonium hexachloroplatinate(IV); Platinum(IV)-ammonium chloride
Molecular Formula (NH4)2.PtCl6
Molecular Weight 443.87
CAS Registry Number 16919-58-7
EINECS 240-973-0
Density 3.07
Pt content 43%up
Classification Catalyst
Appearance Yellow powder or orange red crystals
Purity > 99.95%
Molar mass 443.87 g/mol
Density 3.07 g/cm3
Safety Data
Hazard Symbols  T
Risk Codes R25;R41;R42/43
Safety Description S22;S26;S36/37/39;S45
Transport Information UN 3288
MSDS Ammoniumhexachloroplatinate(IV) MSDS.pdf
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