Nano Gold Solution For Cosmetics
Nano Gold Solution For Cosmetics
Nano Gold Solution For Cosmetics
Nano Gold Solution For Cosmetics
Nano Gold Solution For Cosmetics
UIV Chem offers nano gold solution for your production needs. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, COA and protocols.
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Our product is the use of 99.99% percent gold as a raw material .We use a very rigorous scientific preparation process to make the nano gold into aqueous solution. It is nontoxic, odorless ,safe, reliable and purple exterior solution to consumption level .And nano gold particles also have a very good catalytic function and can effectively get rid of free radicals in human bodies.

Index:            Performance
Appearance:       Purple solution
Purity:      99.99%
Density:         1.01g/ml
Particle diameter:≤15nm

1, Safe, non-toxic and tasteless
2, Stables performance and long lasting effect
3, Powerful sterilization, sterilization effect
4, non-irritating to skin, environmental protection, no discoloration

1, Added to the cosmetic product playing a role of whitening, anti-aging and emollients
2, Genetic identification
3, Food colorants organisms
4, Use in food, cosmetics as preservatives
5, Applied to the production of antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medical equipment, health supplies, beauty care equipment
6, Living daily commodity

Cosmetics in general 3-5ppm
Industrial catalysis 20-30ppm
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