UIV CHEM is one of the toppest C6Cl4O6Ru2,CAS 22941-53-3,Hexacarbonyldi(chloro)dichlorodiruthenium(II) in China.During these years of exporting , UIV CHEM now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Name Hexacarbonyldi(chloro)dichlorodiruthenium(II)
Synonyms Hexacarbonyldi(u-chloro)dichlorodiruthenium(II), Ruthenium carbonylchloride, Hexacarbonyldi(u-chloro)dichlorodiruthenium

Molecular Structure
Molecular Formula C6Cl4O6Ru2
Molecular Weight 512.01
CAS Registry Number 22941-53-3
EINECS 245-342-3
purity purity of original Ruthenium powder > 99.95%
Ruthenium content 39.5%up
Appearance Light yellow crystalline powder
Property Yellow crystal, easily decomposed in the air, soluble in alcohol, water and acetone
Specification Analytical pure
Storage Store in cool and dry place in tightly sealed bottle
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