Hydroxy Beads,Hydroxyl Magnetic Beads
Hydroxy Beads,Hydroxyl Magnetic Beads
UIV CHEM is one of the toppest Silica Magnetic Beads,Hydroxyl Magnetic Beads in China.During these years of exporting , UIV CHEM now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Hydroxyl Magnetic Beads

Silica Magnetic Beads(-OH)

UIV Chem Hydroxy Magnetic Beads ·Process complete within 2 hrs ·Cost effective ·No centrifuge required

Hydroxyl Magnetic Beads are superparamagnetic beads with silanol groups on the surface thus can quickly isolate nucleic acid under the condition of high salt and low pH in the solution by hydrophobic interaction, hydrogen-bond and electrostatic interaction with proteins and other contents in biological samples. The beads are safe and easy to operate, especially suitable for automated and high-throughput applications.

  • Extraction of viral DNA/RNA
  • Extraction of genomic DNA from blood, tissue, bacteria, plant
• Extraction of total RNA
• Extraction of plasmid DNA
• Purification of PCR fragments
Flowchart of DNA/RNA purification based on silica beads

Product infomations
Product model UIV ChemMag OH-500 UIV Chem Mag OH-1000 UIV Chem Magrose   OH
Average size 500nm 1000nm 30~150μm
Core Fe3O4 Fe3O4 Fe3O4
Matrix silica silica silica/agarose
Type of Magnetization Superparamagnetic Superparamagnetic Superparamagnetic
saturation magnetizations 40~60 emu/g 30~50 emu/g 30~50 emu/g
Application nucleic acids isolation and purification
Operation mode auto/manual
*Hydrodynamic diameter detected by Malvern Nano-S

Electron micrograph of UIV Chem Mag OH-500
  • Excellent nucleic acid binding capacity( greater to 20ug DNA/mg Beads) to ensure the extraction effect.
  • Superparamagnetic and high magnetic response(Saturation magnetization is g reater than 40emu/g ), saving operation time.
  • Good dispersion and resuspend, suitable for automated instrument of nucleic acid workstation
Storage and Stability
These products are stable when stored at  4-8°C.Freezing, drying or centrifuging the UIV Chem silica beads may result in irreversible aggregation and loss of binding activity. Before use, please thoroughly vortex the suspension.
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