Carboxyl Beads,Carboxyl Magnetic Beads
Carboxyl Beads,Carboxyl Magnetic Beads
Carboxyl Beads,Carboxyl Magnetic Beads
UIV Chem carboxyl magnetic beads have the features of Process complete within 2 hrs and Cost-effective, No centrifuge required.
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Carboxyl Magnetic Beads

Silica Magnetic Beads(-COOH)

UIV Chem Hydroxy Magnetic Beads ·Process complete within 2 hrs ·Cost effective ·No centrifuge required

Carboxyl Magnetic Beads are superparamagnetic beads with high carboxyl content on the surface thus can bind to polypeptides, antibodies or other proteins, oligonucleotides and certain chemical compounds with certain chemical reagent (such as EDC). They are widely used as an important carrier of the medical and molecular biology research tools.

Carboxyl Magnetic Agarose Beads have higher magnetic response, lower nonspecific adsorption and richer binding sites with activated groups of carboxyl on the surface, which can easily and efficiently combine with a variety of ligands such as protein, polypeptide, oligomeric nucleotide and drug molecues, especially for batch separation and purification.


• Affinity chromatography and purification   • Cell isolation    • Immunoassay   • Biosensors  • Specific nucleic acid purification

Product infomations

Product model UIV Chem Mag COOH UIV Chem Magrose COOH
Average size 2μm 65μm
Functional group/content ~100μmol/g ~1000μmol/g
Core Fe3O4 Fe3O4
Matrix silica silica/agarose
Type of Magnetization Superparamagnetic Superparamagnetic
saturation magnetizations 40~60 emu/g 30~50 emu/g
Application Diagnosis and detection Isolation and purification
Operation mode auto/manual
*Hydrodynamic diameter detected by Malvern Nano-S

Electron micrograph of UIV Chem Mag COOH

SEM of UIV Chem Magrose COOH combined with Fluorescent Peptides (400X)

  • There is very rich binding sites and biological ligand coupling sites.
  • It can be easily controlled, and the magnetic response is less than 15 seconds.
  • Good biocompatibility and low non-specific adsorption.
  • Good dispersion and resuspension , suitable for automation.

Storage and Stability
These products are stable when stored at  4-8°C.Freezing, drying or centrifuging the UIV Chem silica beads may result in irreversible aggregation and loss of binding activity. Before use, please thoroughly vortex the suspension.

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