oled light diy kit-double oled light panels,create your own light

oled light diy kit-double oled light panels,create  your own light
oled light diy kit-double oled light panels,create  your own light
oled light diy kit-double oled light panels,create  your own light
oled light diy kit-double oled light panels,create  your own light
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Benefits of OLED Light

The Closest Light Source to Natural Light
OLED light have spectral power distributions closest to sunlight, and people feel emotionally comfortable under OLED light. Therefore, OLEDs are ideal for places where natural light is unavailable, or for places where good quality light is needed.


Spectral Power Distribution


 Human-friendly characteristics


No Glare:OLED  light is a surface light source with no glare and no shadow. Exposure to glaring light can damage the eyes, and continuous exposure could result in bad eyesight.
No HeatOLED  light is touchable and easy to handle as it produces very low heat (<35℃), eliminating the need for heat sinks and diffusers.
No UV: OLED  light is completely free of UV. UV can be a cause of wrinkles, and it also attracts insects.


Flexible,Ultra-Thin and Light

OLED light is ultra thin & light, and also, these can be flexible. These characteristics free the designers to create much more creative shapes than existing lighting can provide.
OLED light can be easily integrated into any kind of product or architecture while saving installation space and cost.


ABOUT oled light - Structure & Principle

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. The source of light is an EML that responds to electric currents by emitting light. Other layers such as, ETL, HTL and HIL optimize the flow of electric currents to maximize the EML`s light emission.
ETL (Electron Transport Layer)            HTL (Hole Transport Layer)           EML (Emissive Layer)           HIL (Hole Injection Layer)

Type Square Type
Size mm             100X100
Model N6SA40 N6SA35 N6SA30
Thickness mm 0.88 0.88 0.88
CCT K 4000 3500 3000
Efficacy lm/w 55 55 60
Flux lm 75 75 75
Uniformity % >85 >85 >85
CRI 90 90 90
Voltage V 6.0 6.0 8.5
DC Current mA 230 230 150
LT70 Hrs 30000 30000 40000

OLED light panels classic case in real-life applications 

Seoul National University adopted OLED lighting for the library’s reading lights. It is one of the largest OLED lighting installations in the world with 1,100 OLED panels. OLED was chosen because its unique design capabilities conformed with library’s modern interior design and because it is the most appropriate lighting for students by providing a natural light comfortable to the eyes.



Belport is a multi-brand cosmetics shop in Korea. OLED light panels were applied to display cosmetic products because the lack of light heat preserves product quality while the lack of shadows makes them more visually appealing to customers. The OLED light panels are easily embedded in the store’s aluminum selves because they are thin and light. It also helps reduce eye fatigue for both customers and employees. It is the world’s first application of OLED lighting panels in multi-brand cosmetics shops.




Marley Coffee’s interior was inspired by musician Bob Marley’s motto, “One Love.” To create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, OLED light panels were used. Two 53 x 55mm OLED panels were glued together to form a set of OLED butterfly wings. The lighting is connected to motion sensors, making OLED panels flutter when movement is detected. Usually this type of flickering can tire the eyes. However by using OLED panels, which generate no glare, it is possible to view the fluttering lights comfortably.



OLED light panels were adopted as the main light source at Tincan, a pop-up restaurant in London designed by AL_A. The decision to use OLEDs for the restaurant’s lighting was based on its excellent light quality as well as the design possibilities unique to OLEDs. Moreover, the simplicity of OLEDs enabled the architectural design firm AL_A to design and manufacture the light fixtures themselves.


Hanok is a Korean traditional style building, which is mostly made out of wood. It has been difficult to find the right light source for Hanok because of fire hazards and difficulty in installing lighting without harming the building structure. OLED light panels, with lightweight and no heat characteristics, provided an ideal solution to the Hanok project.

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