oled light-dancer,unparalleled luxury enjoyment

oled light-dancer,unparalleled luxury enjoyment
oled light-dancer,unparalleled luxury enjoyment
oled light-dancer,unparalleled luxury enjoyment
oled light-dancer,unparalleled luxury enjoyment
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2015 new fashion brand high-end art OLED ornamental lights

OLED, organic light-emitting diode (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), also known as organic laser show in the laboratory was discovered by Chinese-American professor Deng Qingyun, which launched on OLED research. OLED display technology with traditional LCD display in different ways, no backlight, with a self-luminous properties, with a very thin coating of organic materials and glass substrates, when a current is passed, these organic materials will be light, and OLED display viewing angle, and can save energy.


ABOUT panel oled light - Structure & Principle

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. The source of light is an EML that responds to electric currents by emitting light. Other layers such as, ETL, HTL and HIL optimize the flow of electric currents to maximize the EML`s light emission.
ETL (Electron Transport Layer)
HTL (Hole Transport Layer)
EML (Emissive Layer)
HIL (Hole Injection Layer)

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The thickness of 0.25mm, only 1/3 of the LCD screen and lighter weight; a solid-state structure, no liquid substances, so they better seismic performance; almost no problem viewing angle, even at a great viewing angle , the picture still is not distorted; response time is one-thousandth of LCD display motion picture is absolutely no smear phenomenon; good low-temperature characteristics, still normal display at minus 40 degrees, while the LCD is unable to do so; luminous higher efficiency, lower energy consumption than LCD.

Big tough - substituted LED lighting, leading the next generation of healthy lighting!
1, surface light, not dazzling, and LED light bead is used as a point light source, glare, look for a long easily confused, leading to myopia.
2, light uniformity, no flicker, no glare, relieve visual fatigue, prevent myopia, and other light emitting unevenness can cause eye fatigue, easy to myopia.
3, the complete removal of the blue LED harm, Blu-ray is the biggest culprit leading to cataract, look a long time will lead to other eye problems such as cataracts.
4, most of the compound eyes of insects are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light, at night, lit a UV lamp, for insect is like a light of the world. The OLED lamp no UV, not attract mosquitoes, but does not cause skin aging.
5, no heat, the highest temperature <36 degrees Celsius, human contact without discomfort, and the high temperature of the light will make people uncomfortable tired, sleepy.
6, self-luminous, no backlighting, no excitation using mercury vapor light-emitting phosphor to produce ultraviolet light. Because there is no electrical energy conversion process many times, OLED lights than the current energy-saving lamps also save 60-70% of electricity.


 The Closest Light Source to Natural Light

Pane OLED  light have spectral power distributions closest to sunlight, and people feel emotionally comfortable under OLED light. Therefore, OLEDs are ideal for places where natural light is unavailable, or for places where good quality light is needed.


Spectral Power Distribution

human-friendly characteristics



No Glare:panel OLED  light is a surface light source with no glare and no shadow. Exposure to glaring light can damage the eyes, and continuous exposure could result in bad eyesight.
No Heatpanel OLED  light is touchable and easy to handle as it produces very low heat (<35℃), eliminating the need for heat sinks and diffusers.
No UV:panel OLED  light is completely free of UV. UV can be a cause of wrinkles, and it also attracts insects.

Flexible, Ultra-Thin and Light



Panel OLED  light is ultra thin & light, and also, these can be flexible. These characteristics free the designers to create much more creative shapes than existing lighting can provide.
OLED panel light can be easily integrated into any kind of product or architecture while saving installation space and cost.

Type OLED Mood Lamp
Package Size cm 14.5X14.5X37.5
Light Source OLED Light Panel 210X50mm
Thickness mm 0.88 0.88
CCT K 4000 3000
Efficacy lm/w 55 60
Uniformity % >85 >85
CRI >90 >90
Voltage/DC Current V/A 12V/3.3A
Flux lm 1"(250lm)-2"(370lm)-3"(500lm)
LT70 Hrs 40000
Material Frame Grade alloy
Electromagnetic certification MSIP-REM-LGc-FRAME
Adapters Accession No. HU10329-7004B

we develop and showcase originally designed luminaires to stimulate the market and show how OLED panels can be used in real-life applications. Also, we collaborate with major companies in different industries.

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