9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0), because of high quality and reasonable price,we enjoy a good reputation from the customers

9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0), we develop 100g from 2013 100G, the quality is more than 98%!
Because OLED industry characteristics,the research and development cycle is long! After continuous process improvement, we continue to improve quality and reduce costs! By 2014, our South Korea and Japan OLED customers are very interested in ordering 9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0) in large quantity!
Currently, under the production technology mature situations,Japanese customers began to increase purchases of the demand of 9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0)!
Learn from the customer aspect, the price of other company in the same industry are particularly high, the customer target price USD3800. Our spirit of win-win principle, and achieve their own long-term development of customers in knowing the customer's target price, the offer to the customer is less than the target price, customers receive a high degree of recognition!
The following are the customer's incoming and outgoing mail!

For 9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0) , customers have a high degree of recognition. I believe 9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0) price, quality advantages, will become the market's most competitive products!
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