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Palladium diacetate(CAS No.:3375-31-3), we get the customer’s trust by good quality!

Palladium iacetate(CAS No.:3375-31-3) is one of our golden products.
In March, 2011, we got the inquiry from the buyer, and he decided to order a sample to test after the communication. Finally, the material passed the test and the buyer was very happy with it so he ordered 10KG Palladium diacetate(CAS No.:3375-31-3) in May. Then, we kept smoothly and pleasant cooperation. While, the Korea buyers often enquiry on the market to reduce the cost when he ordered the material with us.
In June, 2014, we got news unexpected from customer that our price is higher than other company. So he request us to reduce the price. While, it is hard for us to meet his request because the price of noble metal varies greatly everyday. Customer didn’t refer to this material for three months after we deliver the material in July. I asked him, but he wouldn’t to communicate with me on the material because we didn’t met his request on the price.
In Oct., he came to me on his own, and said he purchased the material from another company which did offer him a good price. But the reaction of Water treatment is not so good when he used the catalyst, which leads to the material cannot be totally catalyze and increased the raw material’s input. Later, the customer tested the catalyst and found that the noble metal content is less than the Standard.
Then, we offered the customer 3KG material in time and helped him save lots of money. Thus, we got a long time purchase contract from him on Palladium diacetate(CAS No.:3375-31-3) in Nov., 2014.
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