Now there are a lot of antiseptic and antibacterial drugs in the market, especially for gynecology medication. But many bactericidal inhibitory fungi drugs have some poison effects, and it is also very difficult to reach the effect of broad-spectrum sterilization, and the raw material is also expensive.
Yurui (shanghai) chemical co.,ltd produce nano silver solution (colorless & transparent nano silver solution) that can solve the above problems. One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in China contacted with us after they knew our amazing nano silver solution. And our nano silver solution has been used in their production of gynecology gel and it has a great broad-spectrum sterilization effect after tested in their testing center. We are very happy that our nano silver solution give the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise a good effect with non-toxic, no drug resistance and so on. It also reduce the cost of raw material at the same time.
Now Yurui (shanghai) chemical co.,ltd has signed long-term supply agreement with pharmaceutical production enterprise. And we will continue to produce better nano antibacterial products with cooperation and benefit from each other.
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