Graphene is rapid development in recent years, new materials, wide range of applications, graphene is divided into two kinds of graphene oxide and graphene.

Graphene is also the world's thinnest most hard nano-materials, it is almost completely transparent, absorbing only 2.3% of light; the thermal conductivity of up to 5300 W / (m · K), higher than the carbon nanotubes and diamond, which at room temperature electron mobility rate of more than 15 000 cm2 / (V · s), inferior to the high carbon nanotubes, or silicon crystals, and the resistivity of only about 10-6 Ω · cm, less than copper or silver, for the smallest of the world's resistivity material . Because of its low resistivity, electron running fast, and therefore are expected to be used to develop a thinner, faster conducting new generation of electronic components or transistors. Since Graphene is essentially a transparent, good conductor, it is also suitable for producing transparent touch screen, light board, or even solar cells.
Yu Rui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. has strong research and development, to continue research and development production of graphite diene products. We work with a technology company in Suzhou, to develop electronic materials, we offer specific parameters graphene and graphene oxide to to the company, technical staff look after feeling very fit, then conducted sample procurement, led to the development of their new products.
After receiving the samples and tested,Suzhou Science and Technology said that the company's technical staff feedback single sample rate we offer, relatively large area, high conductivity, it is suitable for their product development, experiment goes well, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the company.
We will also continue to develop new products, to better product quality and best price.
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