3-Bromo-3'-chlorobiphenyl (CAS No.:844856-42-4), moving customer by service and quality.

3-Bromo-3'-chlorobiphenyl (CAS No.:844856-42-4) is one of our main products. I made a quotation in May, 2014 and the customers inquired on the market widely. After two months’ screening, customer choose to do business with us in July, 2014
However, customer made inquiry on the market all the time when he cooperates with us on the material in order to reduce the cost.
In Sep. 2014, we got news unexpected from customer that our price is higher than other company. So he request us to reduce the price. While, it is hard for us to meet his request because the synthesis really has difficulty and his purchase quantity is not stable at the beginning.
Customer didn’t refer to this material for two months after we deliver the material he ordered in July. I asked him, but he wouldn’t to communicate with me on the material. I guessed he maybe do business with the other supplier because we didn’t reduce the price.
In Dec., customer came to me for help. In fact, he did order this material from the other supplier and bad things come out. The supplier delayed the delivery and had problem to export because of lacking of certificate. I offered related certificate and told them how to export. Finally, he got the material successfully though the delivery is very late.
But it is far from over, the customer told me that the material he bought from the other factory had serious quality problems and the supplier refused to return the material. The customer was very angry with that supplier and came to us again. Then, we got one-year purchase contract on this material in March, 2015.
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